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The Internet serves all mankind, but ironically underserves men in particular.

Millions of millennial males have shifted to the web as their primary source of entertainment, only to find countless pop culture and entertainment blogs that are decidedly female-focused. Finding compelling, topical content for the unique male appetite has become a challenging endeavor.

Man World Media fills this void of quality content touchstones for the millennial male. The network boasts some of the preeminent men’s entertainment and social commentary sites as well as smart, upstart blogs and niche content channels.  MWM is a one-stop shop for men seeking visual, mental, and laugh out loud stimulation. No more surfing. Just bookmarking MWM.

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our audience

The Man World Media audience is largely composed of professional, college-educated males between the ages of 18 and 35. Our average user surfs the Internet during daytime hours at school or in the office.


Man World Media websites account for over 20M monthly visitors, 300 million page views, and over 1 billion ad impressions.


Our sites offer high engagement and low bounce rates for visitors. The average user stays several minutes per visit, drawn into a wonderland of entertainment and choices.


Our premiere properties have large social media followings and loyal readers who visit daily, comment, and share within their circles.

I dont mind living in a man's world, as long as i can be a woman in it.

- Marilyn Monroe
our websites

Man World Media owns and operates some of the most iconic male-centric brands on the web, providing multiple outlets of fresh daily content for millennial males that have largely eschewed traditional media when searching for news or entertainment.

Egotastic is now in its second decade as the leading online celebrity and entertainment destination site for the male audience 18-49. Egotastic serves up the sexy side of celebrity, with all the famous female actresses, models and music artists in their most revealing public and private poses. Nothing gets by Egotastic with its access to paparazzi, magazines, glamour photographers, and a web of ‘EgoReaders' around the world always on the lookout for the latest must-see visuals.

Launched in 2005, Egotastic grew in popularity from several hundred thousand readers to over 10 million monthly uniques and over 350 million pageviews by 2013. A veritable cornucopia of fresh daily content, Egotastic is your one-stop shop for the world's most popular pastime.

Expanding its role as the "best place for men to waste time at work," Egotastic added complimentary coverage of film, television, and video relevant to its core audience. Throw in some daily humor as a palate cleanser between Egotastic's hundreds of super sexy photos and videos posted each day to the site, and Egotastic is the single most popular bookmark for people who happen to enjoy the sexy side of celebrity. As the editors promise, you will always leave with a smile.

Online since 2004 and acquired by SK Intertainment in 2015, Double Viking is the male entertainment network's foray into the comic and fantasy action allure of the male brain. Men are not into just one thing. Okay, women. But the second slot is wide open and includes an intensive fascination with the decidedly rich world of sci-fi and fantasy, film, comics, gaming, gadgets, and cosplay.

Double Viking has already benefitted from its placement in the SK network of male entertainment and lifestyle sites with a fresh new design and refocused writing aimed at millions of proud nerds looking for a home. Double Viking promotes a fun, sharp, and witty analysis of the major stories and projects in the world of comics-driven media. Somewhat sexy, somewhat controversial, always encouraging playful battles, that's just what Vikings do. Somebody blow the ram's horn, please.

What Would Tyler Durden Do (WWTDD) has been providing salacious and satirical commentary on the vaunted world of media and celebrity since the very dawn of blogging. While disingenuous outlets like People and Entertainment Tonight happily carry on the myths of perfection in Hollywood, WWTDD goes no-nonsense and no-holds barred behind the veil of the rich and famous. WWTDD strikes a strong chord with a large block of the audience that prefers a sufficient helping of brutal honesty in their reporting.

WWTDD is routinely sourced and reprinted by major news outlets and radio shows for its willingness to take on even the most sacred cows in the industry. The sharp humor and masculine wit provide entertainment for millions of loyal monthly readers who bookmark the site for daily viewing. Like its namesake, WWTDD goes fist first into all arenas. It's not always pretty, but it is always real and always effing funny.

Anyone who’s followed a link shared on Facebook can tell you that listicles, hot takes, and short-form pieces rule new media. Long-form analysis and 20,000-word opuses have their place, but As Buzzfeed and Bored Panda have proven, that place isn’t on social media.

Quick Jabs aggregates the best of the Internet each day, strips away the excess, and provides its readers with sharp, hard-hitting, highly clickable content in the form of a simple synopsis of the day’s viral stories along with the link to its parent source. From celebrity gossip, weird news and crime, sports, sex and food to polls and studies, movie trailers and viral videos, Quick Jabs is your daily digest, sans frills.

No thinkpieces. No commentary. Just the meat of the story. That’s Quick Jabs.

Based on the successful podcast Last Men on Earth, LMOE the website extends the premise that its lead commentators Lex and Matt are possibly the two last heteronormative sane-thinking men in the world. They battle a land marked by gender neutrality, political correctness, and unflinching masculine retreat. It's one thing to be thoughtful and well-mannered, it's another to walk toward your own neutering with a smile.

Launched in late 2015, The Last Men on Earth already boasts a fast growing audience approaching a million visitors per month as well as an accelerated social media following. The site provides daily photo content and satirical commentary on the big stories of day and how unchallenged stupidity threatens the very testicular fabric of our great nation. Where will men go when all their toys have been taken away from them? LastMenOnEarth.com.

this is a man's world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.

- james brown


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